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Managing MxBus Modules

Open the Manage MxBus Modules dialog to view information on the MxBus modules that are attached to the camera.


This section allows activating/deactivating the MxBus interface. The section also lists the current status of the attached MxBus modules and allows opening the status log.


Allows changing the MxBus PIN and the Super PIN. Enter a new PIN in the corresponding fields to change it. Note that the PIN needs to be at least eight digits long. The maximum length is 16 digits. Click on Change to transfer the new PINs to the corresponding MxBus modules.


This section contains information on the attached MxBus modules.

Parameter Description
Module Type Displays the module type.
Serial Number Displays the serial number of the MxBus module.
SW Version Displays the software version of the MxBus module.
HW Version Displays the hardware version of the MxBus module.
MxBus Termination Displays the status of the cable termination.
Status Details Displays the current state of the communication.
The following values are possible:
Active The module is properly attached to the system and communication is encrypted.
Available The module is available, but communication is not encrypted.
Not available Communication with this module has been disrupted.
Click on the Remove link to permanently remove the corresponding module from the configuration.
Invalid Encryption Communication with this module has been disrupted.
Restore the configuration using the appropriate encryption data or reset the module to factory defaults.

Note that you can change individual parameters of the configuration for the modules that are marked by an - icon. Click on the icon or the module name to see the parameters that are available for this module.

Cable Termination This parameter allow configuring the MxBus cable termination. Termination needs to be activated in the last module of the chain.
Output Mode Sets the operating mode of the outputs of the DoorMaster (security door opener). You can set the following options:
Self-Powered The door opener is powered by the DoorMaster. Output 2 provides 12 V/1 A for this purpose. The theft protection can be attached to output 1.
Relay Use this mode to power door openers with up to 24 V/1 A. Note that you need an additional power adapter for this mode. The theft protection can be attached to output 1.
Mediator Use this mode to power the self-locking Mediator door lock. Since the lock uses both outputs, you need to implement the theft protection using a separate hook-up.

Note: This parameter is only available for the DoorMaster.

Backup Power This section allows checking the status of the backup power supply by the DoorMaster (security door opener). Note that the backup power supply allows opening the door even in case of a power failure.

Note: This parameter is only available for the DoorMaster.

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